A Cathodic Protection Engineering Company

The company is actively engaged in Cathodic Protection related comprehensive design and project management services for projects that are typically, cross country pipelines, Complex Plant Underground piping, Onshore and Offshore facilities, City Gas and Water mains, above ground storage tanks, concrete steel structures etc.

PRODUCTS & SERVICES | Technical Consulting

Corrosion Matters is known for its strong analytical and technical support for activities for a variety of Cathodic Protection Systems.

  • CP Surveys - Feasibilty of CP System
  • CP - Health Surveys
  • Technical Manpower for Installation supervision
  • l Monitoring and Maintenance work
    • Cross country pipelines
    • Oil & Gas Industry Plants U/G Piping and Marine Tank farms CP System
    • Onshore terminals and Offshore platforms
  • l Clients representation for concept development, tendering, awarding works Construction supervision, billing and payment processing, receiving the system etc.
  • l Refurbishment and rejuvenating of old CP Projects and systems
  • Refurbishment of CP equipment like TR units, Ground beds etc.
  • CP Training
  • l CP Ground beds design Software
  • l CP Monitoring and Maintenance Software
  • l Design of Anode systems for Bio fouling for water boxes and condensers
  • l Design of Anodic protection systems for sulphuric Acid plants.