A Cathodic Protection Engineering Company

The company is actively engaged in Cathodic Protection related comprehensive design and project management services for projects that are typically, cross country pipelines, Complex Plant Underground piping, Onshore and Offshore facilities, City Gas and Water mains, above ground storage tanks, concrete steel structures etc.


Founded in 2005, Corrosion Matters, by experienced electrical engineers today emerges as a leading specialist and technology provider for materials and advisory services for the Electrical Engineering and Corrosion Prevention industry in India and Internationally.

The company centered on pursuing the basic idea as the name suggests itself, actively engaged in project matters related to corrosion for Power, Steel, and Oil and Gas sectors.

Company inherits 19 years long field, manufacturing and project management experience strengths of the founder, Mr.K B Swaroop, is now moving ahead swiftly from a humble service provider of Cathodic Protection System Service provider to a key technology provider of multiple disciplines and activities for the industry worldwide.

  • Core design activities for Cathodic Protection Systems
  • Execution of turnkey projects works in Detailed Engineering, procurement, manpower and equipment mobilization, commissioning, handing over, documentation etc. etc for CP Systems construction
  • On site field surveys – Site study, post commissioning Surveys, Asset health surveys and mitigation, preventive monitoring and status updation of CP Systems
  • Manufacturing – Impressed Current CP Systems – Hi Si Cr Anodes, MMO Anodes, Platinized Titanium/Niobium Anodes, Graphite Anodes and Sacrificial System Anodes – Magnesium, Zinc, Aluminium, Pure Iron Anodes, Soft Iron Anodes, CupricZinc Anodes
  • Manufacturing of IP55/IP66 type Junction boxes for varying sizes for various applications in MS, SS, Rigid PVC, along with all types of internal fixtures.
  • Assembly of Anodes/Junction boxes to suit project specific requirements
  • Supplies of reliable and critical CP materials – Reference cells, Transformer rectifiers, DC Power supplies, Transformers, control cards, Testing and Measurement equipment, cables of various types for varying applications, shunts, resistors, magnetic reed switches, cable sealing compounds, electrical
  • Manufacture of Anodic Protection Systems equipment- Acid plants piping and storage tanks corrosion equipment • Electrical Substation/Switch Yard construction and maintenance
  • Technical Manpower Secondment Services for Industry

Today the company's work in these activities is widely accepted and performance has been proven. The company is selected exclusively by giants in the Industry for their requirements.

For Cross country pipelines, Complex Plant Underground piping, On-shore - Off-shore facilities, City Gas and Water mains, above ground storage tanks, mounded storage facilities, concrete steel structures, water boxes and condensers and so on and so forth.

The Company practices state of the art techniques based on internationally acknowledged and accepted standards and procedures. The company's trained and dedicated team of empowered engineers is having hands on experience and expertise in handling time bound and critical projects of importance, it is their clients who stand testimony to this fact.

Corrosion Matters strives to be the leader by the year 2020, by constantly innovating the processes and adopting the use of modern tools and techniques that would result in affordable, safe and acceptable practices for the industry world over.

Corrosion Matters is known for their Integrity, excellence and sincerity in providing time bound solutions to its clients ahead of commercial merits of a given job.

Founder | profile

KB Swaroop is the Founder and CEO of Corrosion Matters. He has Bachelor of Engineering degree in Electrical and Electronics and is a licensed / valid electrical supervisor for electrical installations upto 11KV. Swaroop brings on board a vast corrosion prevention experience of over 19 years spanning the entire spectrum of a project life line beginning from the specification, management phases to execution and maintenance phases. His domain expertise touches all the core manufacturing industry disciplines including communications, steel, oil and gas, petrochemicals etc. In addition, he consults industries to enable them provide healthy, safe and environmentally friendly, working conditions to their field staff. A testimony of this fact is has a blemish less zero accident record in all the jobs he handled thus far.

His strong sense of commitment to pursue methodical approach to problem solving in corrosion prevention systems projects, the company was able to win a number of key projects in India, Middle East and Far East. Besides, every passing year a number of new engineers are trained and imparted Corrosion Prevention techniques and Cathodic Protection Systems technologies by him, either through the medium of in-house seminars or by presentations at various clients sites. Being a promoter of another technology Company namely Savitr Software Services (P) Ltd., which specializes in software development work, he confidently presents Corrosion Matters, in all facets of high tech revolution.

"Corrosion Matters strives to be the leader by the year 2020, by constantly innovating the processes and adopting the use of modern tools and techniques that would result in affordable and acceptable corrosion prevention practices for the industry world over."


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